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We learn about the devastating effect that termites can have on a property.Imagine spending all your hard-earned money on your dream home, and going through the tedious process of renovation – just to get the exact look you envisioned for your home, only to see it apart in a few years?

Devastating Effect On Property
Devastating Effect On Property

Water can also wreak havoc on a wooden cabinet's outer shell, destroying the finish and blackening the wood. It can also cause structural damage that compromises the cabinet's usefulness. This is especially true for under-sink kitchen and bathroom wooden cabinets. Our water resistant aluminum cabinets is unaffected by water!

Structural Damage Due To Water
Structural Damage Due To Water

How to avoid termite infestation? Instead of potentially going through these problems, why not eliminate it from the start, as you begin your home renovation/revamping journey?

Bearing in mind, Greencity Pest Management Pte Ltd is now partnership with Alustil Singapore Pte Ltd to provide revolutionise quality items with termite resistance solution, gives you a great alternative to traditional wood-based furnishings. What’s so great about aluminium furnishings?

  1. Customisable design
  2. Termite-proof
  3. Water-proof
  4. Fire resistant
  5. Rust resistant
  6. Long Lasting
  7. Non-toxic/No Formaldehyde
  8. Moveable

With these unique properties, aluminium products will last many years while retaining its gorgeous look. Bid goodbye to termite attacks, or water damage (think blackend wood and wrecked wooden cabinet), rust or corrosion!

Some of our termite-resistant and water-resistant products:

Intelligent Termite Protection Lifestyle

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Want more details? Head on over to Alustil(www.alustil.com.sg) and check out many more termite resistant products available!

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